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Here’s a little workflow I made to add items from @AlfredApp into @DayOneApp. Thanks to @ttscoff for doing the hard work!



Use this Workflow to add items into Day One directly from Alfred.

There is a tiny bit of setup involved and is based on Brett Terpstras excellent scripting, found here:

* This requires a specific Ruby Gem, so run this command in terminal: sudo gem install chronic

* Use Brett Terpstras script from his page (near the middle):
or grab it directly from this Gist:

* Place it in the folder of your choosing (remember this location!)

* Make it executable in Terminal: chmod 755 DayOneTerpstra.rb

* Install the Day One console tools: (via )

* In Alfred, change the [/bin/bash ‘Run Script’] path to reflect where you placed the script file earlier.

* You should be good to go. Start Alfred, type ‘log’ and enter your desired text.

Feel free to ping me on Twitter @mcdev if you want, I’ll try to help if you have problems.

Recently, Editor-In-Chief of the wonderful @Circa - Anthony De Rosa (@AntdeRosa) asked the Twitters how to use 2 external displays with a Macbook.

The de-facto response was to use a USB3 adapter of some sort. An expensive, kludgy approach.

It wasn’t until I happened to accidentally find a Mavericks and AppleTV feature that it became clear.

Here’s how I did it. Please see the video below to learn more and to hear me fail to mask my Southern accent.

* Connect a display to your Macbook (in this example video, it is a Frankenstein mix of 3 different cables and adapters connected to an ancient Gateway monitor, haha).

* Connect an AppleTV to another display - in this case, a modern ASUS.

* Using Airplay on your Macbook, Mirror or Extend your content to the external displays.

* Play with the various Airplay menu options until you’re a happy, possibly eye-strained camper.

Feel free to add comments or suggestions.

PS: Thanks to Jason Snell (@jsnell) for this article, which tweaked my curiosity on the matter.

PPS: A handy app (free) for seeing what your monitors and displays can pump out.

The following is the story of what happened when I saw a writing gig on Craigslist Savannah. It’s hilarious and really sad - the end result needs to be that Amazon only allows Verified Buyers to make product reviews - sort of like the Apple and the Google Play store do.

I know this ‪#‎BedWettting‬ debacle seems stupid, but after I posted about how tacky it was to pay for Amazon reviews on a medical device that can’t be returned once OPENED (much less tested), I decided to expose it and was personally attacked; and it keeps getting weirder.


Hi DryBuddy Bedwetting (Enuresis) Solutions - can you please tell me if these images below reflect your company policy? I noticed on Craigslist that you were paying for positive reviews from non-buyers on medical equipment that can’t be returned once it is opened - you tricky devils, you! (My twitter post, showing the now removed Craigslist ad) (Twitter attack number one) (Twitter attack number two)

When I posted on Amazon about customers only trusting verified buyers, I started getting these tweets and emails. Not cool or professional, IMHO. 

So now I have decided to stalk you back and embarrass your stupid little company.

Have a nice day!

UPDATE (5pm, 10/25/2013)!

On Oct 25, 2013 8:29:26 AM PDT, DryBuddy posted the following on Amazon:

Dear Mr. McDaniel,
We read the abuse that you suffered at the hands of @megaseoexperts . This party is not Enuresis Solutions/DryBuddy. This is a ruthless and unethical competitor who has been bad-mouthing us because out DryBuddyEZ product is zapping his obsolete and overprice product. So he resorts to foul methods to try and run us down. Please look at Bedwetting Alarms Deceit on the internet, and there will be no doubt as to who this unethical party is and how severe his transgressions have been.
Please send to us your email so that you can receive complete information as sent to Amazon so that you are not making false accusations.
Thank you.

They also sent me a DM on twitter asking me to send them my email address so they can explain. I did so, to no avail as of yet.

Then, someone on Amazon posted this, which led to DryBuddy promptly deleting the Amazon posting you just read.

LMLV says:

To Service at DryBuddy:

This is all so amusing. A manufacturer/seller gets caught asking for fake reviews in exchange for cash, then when someone exposes him, he blames another company.
Please explain why your competitor would ask people on the internet to write positive reviews for you. You know how insane all this is starting to sound……
I fell off my chair reading these posts. Apologies. I can’t contain my laughter…….

I hadn’t even considered the bolded part - it’s a brilliant bit of deduction that simply eluded me and caused DryBuddy to withdraw their defense. 

Will update when some new drama erupts from what is a hilarious marketing blunder.

All on one line, in Terminal (or iTerm - which is better). Requires at least a 8gb USB drive.

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ —volume /Volumes/Untitled —applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ —nointeraction

Where ‘Untitled’ = your install media name. I recommend changing it to ‘Mavs’ or something similar so you don’t accidentally overwrite an physical disk.



Separated at birth.


A look at Teju Cole's modern satirical dictionary, inspired by Gustave Flaubert's “Dictionary of Received Ideas”

“TELEVISION. Much improved. Better than novels. If someone says ‘The Wire,’ say ‘The Sopranos,’ or vice versa.

TOUR DE FORCE. A film longer than two and a half hours and not in English.

VALUES. ‘We must do whatever it takes to preserve our values.’ Said as a prelude to destroying them.”

Illustration by Laurie Rosenwald.

I found this thing today…not sure exactly what it is, frankly.


Everything you need to know about PRISM

Since September 11th, 2001, the United States government has dramatically increased the ability of its intelligence agencies to collect and investigate information on both foreign subjects and US citizens. Some of these surveillance programs, including a secret program called PRISM, capture the private data of citizens who are not suspected of any connection to terrorism or any wrongdoing.

In June, a private contractor working for Booz Allen Hamilton leaked classified presentation slides that detailed the existence and the operations of PRISM: a mechanism that allows the government to collect user data from companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo, and others. While much of the program — and the rest of the NSA’s surveillance efforts — are still shrouded in secrecy, more details are coming to light as the public, as well as its advocates and representatives, pressure the government to come clean about domestic spying.

(via ilovecharts)

I suppose it makes perfect sense, but I never considered it before. Since Safari doesn’t do favicon bookmarks (argh), why not use Emoji to express yourself  in your bookmarks?

It saves a little space, syncs across to iOS devices fine and yes it probably works on other platforms too.

On a Mac, choose ‘Edit/Special Characters’ to access the Emoji icons.


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