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Technology Team Leader and Developer - Available for Contract and Permanent Positions, Remote or Onsite. Relocation Available.


My most recent full-time, contract and project based experiences.
Summary and Goals
I am seeking an ongoing role with an established company that can utilize my two decades of professional skills. I’m not looking for a job – I am looking for a career with a company I can invest in while facilitating success and growth.

Over the span of my career I have been a programmer, a manager, a designer, and an administrator, but through it all I have been a devout believer in the power of technology to make lives better.

I am a developer, a project manager and a problem solver. I also put out fires, literally (!

I look forward to hearing from you.

BallPark Web Solutions - Owner

In 2014, I formally created BallPark Web Solutions – an independent web, WordPress and social media consulting company. I offer my services to individuals and small businesses as both long and short term contracts.

This change is the culmination of 20 years of technology expertise via my personal brand, McDaniel Development (circa 1997).

I’ve created dozens of applications and websites, which have allowed me to hone my skills and explore many facets of the tech world.

Skills developed include php, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, LAMP, WordPress (sites, plugins), Drupal, Joomla, custom Tumblr themes – virtually anything and everything that can be done on the web, as well as programming in Visual Basic, xCode, AppleScript, RealBasic, Visual Studio (SharePoint, .net).

Additionally, I’m well versed in SEO, various site analytics, social networking, domain management (purchase, maintenance, setup, dns, etc.). These skills have frequently aided me in my positions as a technology consultant and manager.

SagePath - Senior Web Developer (2011-2012)

As a web architect and developer with SagePath, my role included working with customers and partners to create multi-level sites on high performance platforms, while maintaining a user friendly experience.

Clients include:
* Coca-Cola
* Time Warner Cable
* Glaxo Smith Kline
* Jim Beam

My primary project was the creation of an in-depth Sharepoint site for the Enterprise Architecture department of the Coca-Cola company, hosted on Office 365, with multiple workspaces and custom queries as well as numerous personalizations.

Promethean - Head of IT (2004-2011)

As employee #11 with Promethean NA, I moved from Customer support to Head of IT as we grew to over 1000 employees globally in seven countries, all connected via projects I facilitated. My team consisted of twelve people in three countries, managing hundreds of remote users in eight countries.

Major accomplishments with Promethean included:
* Migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange/Active Directory across multiple domains in a forest
* Rollout of (from 5 users to over 500) – Premier Partner
* Implementation of SharePoint for global collaboration
* Integration of virtual machines into our large Apple user base
* Integration of 40% Mac clients into AD via xServe
* Implementation of customer facing and Internal help-desks
* Installation of Cisco VOIP telecom globally, and Cisco telepresence in 5 locations
* Managed vendor relationships with Dell, Apple, CDW, Insight, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Cisco
* Implemented management of mobile devices including BlackBerry, iOS and Android
* Provided IT input for creation of our products, advising on compatibility and feature-sets
* Implementation of tech such as Barracuda, WebSense, SonicWall VPN, ManageEngine, GFI tools

As Head of IT, I was involved in taking the company from $11m to over $200m annually as our staff grew equally exponentially.

Implementations of Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, Cisco telecom and telepresence – as well as dozens of smaller projects moved the company from a startup to a Publicly traded company.

Working at Promethean was a challenging, fulfilling and absolutely worthwhile position at a company that is powering the education of millions of future leaders.

Ellijay Telephone - Network Engineer (2001-2004)

As a member of the network team at this 100 year old North Georgia telephone company, I was responsible for maintaining email and file servers for our ISP, as well as the creation and management of our websites and web hosting business. This was a heavy Unix shop involving Solaris and various flavors of Linux using Sendmail for the ISP mail and Apache for hosting.

Major Accomplishments with ETC include:
* Developed web hosting business from concept to active business unit
* Streamlined DSL support department
* Implemented ISP level email servers (Sendmail)

Chilliware - Development Manager (1999-2001)

As the Product Development Manager supervising over 100 programmers, my team released three boxed, retail software packages designed for the Linux OS (Mohawk, IceSculptor, MentorPro).

I was responsible for communicating with our developers, handling beta programs and distributing software as well as presenting to vendors and at tradeshows, including Comdex, LinuxWorld and CES.

The company was considered a success in the otherwise quiet Linux retail market. However during the tech booms declining years, we were dissolved. I was the last employee of the company, handing over the keys to the primary investors.

This was a very formative position for me personally and professionally – one that will certainly stick with me throughout my career.


A sampling of my skill set, based on experience and expertise.
  • WordPress – Themes 100%
  • WordPress – Plugins 100%
  • WordPress – Core and Loop 100%
  • WordPress – Setup and Maintenance 100%
  • WordPress – Security 100%
  • LAMP 100%
  • CSS 100%
  • HTML5 100%
  • Linux Server Backend and Hosting 100%

Management & Leadership

IT/Server Administration

Web Development


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Endorsements and Testimonials

Kind Words From Coworkers, Employers And Business Owners

Working with Scott for the past 3 years has been a fantastic experience. As a technical expert and dependable resource in the IT field, he exceeded my expectations with his responsiveness and support of any request or issue I raised with him. Scott’s dedication to major implementations and company-wide initiatives was clearly visible – and he created a fun, enjoyable environment in which to work and interact. Scott will add tremendous value to any IT or IS group with his seasoned experience and personal attention to success.

Kevin McCarron

Enterprise Content Developer, The Weather Channel

Whilst at Promethean Scott has been a pivotal figure responsible for the whole lifecycle development of an ever changing, rapidly expanding and increasiningly complex IT infrastructure and its support systems. He was the original technology go to person for anything and everything that needed doing. All of which he delivered with a passion for doing the right thing in the right way but mixed in with a delightful sense of wit and good natured friendly humour when it was appropriate of course!

Others can talk of his technical prowess which I believe to be exemplory I just remember him for his passion in keeping upto date with anything and everything related to information techology, he quite often is onto the next best thing long before it even hits the radar of most people. I have personally benefited from this insight and was able to keep the company informed when Scott would alert me to some new and wonderful web technology that was just breaking the surface.

I will miss Scott when he leaves Promethean, he is a friend, a gentleman and very much a scholar and I shall miss his invaluable contribution to our cause. I can guarantee that any prospective employer would have to search long and hard to match but rarely better what Scott can offer their organisation!

Cliff Farrand

Head of Software Systems Operations, Promethean

Scott is an outstanding individual and business professional on all fronts. He is a team player, a catalyst for productive change, technically proficient, and just a great guy to have on your team. Scott contributed greatly to the success we have enjoyed at Promethean during his 7+ years with our company and he will be a tremendous asset to anyone fortunate enough to have him working with their organization.

Mark Elliott

President, North America, Promethean

A jack of all trades and master of many, Scott McDaniel’s breadth of knowledge and scope of expertise is second to none. Whether monitoring network security, developing IT policies, evaluating new technologies, managing vendor negotiations, or supervising staffing and budgeting projections, Scott is widely considered a trusted source for valuable information and thoughtful guidance.

Scott’s verbal and written communication skills are exceptional, always providing the appropriate sentiments for any given situation. Frequently dealing with challenging circumstances regarding stressful IT related issues, his sense of humor, quick wit, friendly disposition, and delightful personality are a welcome breath of fresh air.

Scott is a tremendous asset within the organization, both professionally and personally, caring just as much about his work as he does the people around him. A true team player with an outstanding work ethic and attitude, I look forward to someday working with him again!

Andrew Ryff

Director of Marketing, ItsLearning, Inc.

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